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Repairs and Refinishing

At Thumper Drums, We Can Fix Just About Anything!

All types of general repairs are available including the following: cutting, patching, wood filling, lug changing, mounting or removing parts, and hole drilling. Also re-cutting bearing edges, putting in snare beds & flattening edges.

Stains & Oils

This includes stripping the shell down to the natural wood, five-step sanding process: 120, 150, 220, 300, 400 grit step down; then staining or oiling, using multiple coats with steel wool rub-out for a glass surface finish.

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Recovering includes all materials. Drums are stripped of all removable hardware, except for the badge.

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Bearing Edges


Bearing Edges are one of the most important parts of a drum! If your bearing edge isn't just right, it can cause a whole host of issues. Check out our education page for more details! 

Having a good bearing edge is so important that its worth having them redone every few years. We offer any kind of bearing edge re-cut, but recommend our in house standard!

Our standard bearing edge is very unique and gives our drums great overall tone and good volume. 

Our snare beds are sanded and filed by hand with precision and care! We can achieve any kind of snare bed upon request.

15 ply keller edge


Refinishing prices vary depending on the current finish on the drum and what the replacement finish is.

Hole Drilling

Strainer & Butt Plate$20.00Per Set
Tom Mounts$12.00 - $18.00Per Mount
Spurs$25.00 - $40.00Per Pair
Lugs$2.50 - $4.00Per Unit
Floor Tom Leg Brackets$24.00Per Set
Air Vents$15.00Per Unit

Bearing Edges

Sizes 6" - 18"$30.00Per Edge
Sizes 20" and up$35.00Per Edge
Snare Beds$45.00Per Drum
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