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We have a huge selection of hardware to choose from, that come in many different colors. We even can have the hardware custom powder coated to a specific color!

Metal Rims


Triple Flanged metal rims; available in chrome, black, brass and white.

Die Cast metal rims; available in chrome, black, brass and white.

Solid raw metal hoops; available in chrome and black.


Wood Hoops


Solid maple or birch wood hoops for bass drums and snare drums are available. We can apply any kind of dye finish or wrap to these hoops.




NEW! Hide-A-Head maple hoops come in 2 different depths and can have any dye finish applied. 


Acrylic Hoops


Acrylic hoops are available in a number of colors and designs. Call or email for full list!




We have many different claws and hooks to choose from for bass drum hoops, wood hoops, metal hoops and acrylic hoops. 

chrome, black, brass and white color options are available for most claws and hooks, but give us a call or email for full list!

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Sample Claw 1




We have several standard designs we use on our custom drums, but if you are looking for something specific, then give us a call or email and most likely have a source for it!

Tube Lugs


Tube lugs are a standard on snare drums, but we have several sizes available to fit the whole kit! Chrome, black, brass and white are available colors. 

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TCD Standard Tear drop Die Cast Lugs


TCD's go-to lug is a high quality Die Cast lug that comes in Chrome, Black, Brass and White.


Die Cast Lugs


We have a number of Die Cast lugs available in chrome, black, brass and white.

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Spurs, Leg Mounts and Suspension Systems


All of our rack toms come standard with Rims mounts and standard round 3/8" receivers in chrome, black and brass!

Looking for something else? Don't worry! We have other options available through are many suppliers.


All of our floor toms come standard with the innovative basket support system! Instead of drilling more holes in the drum shells (which takes away from the tone of the wood) we use the basket support system which suspends the floor tom from the lugs. These support systems come in chrome, black and brass. 


All of our kick drums come standard with heavy duty adjustable spurs. These spurs are built really solid and give you tons of adjustment. They also come with floor spikes to prevent the kick drum from sliding forward. These spurs are available in chrome, black, brass and white!


We also have many other designs available for support systems and spurs. Give us a call or email for full list!

SP-15 SPUR (2)