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Drum Shells

It all starts with the drum shell. We offer several different types of materials, in all sizes and thicknesses.

Wood Shells


We offer Keller plywood drum shells. Keller has been making drum shells for over 50 years and supplying them to many drum manufacturers all over North America. 

Keller has 3 different species of shells: Maple, Birch and Mahogany.

Maple and Birch drums shells are available in thicknesses from 5ply-10ply. Re-rings optional.

Mahogany is only available in 6ply shells. Re-rings optional. 


Acrylic Shells


Looking for something unique? Acrylic drum shells are definitely an eye catcher and are great for a show piece! We source our acrylic shells from RCI, which are made right here in the USA. Their acrylic shells are seam welded, so they are air tight an waterproof! 

There are several color options and styles available. Call or email for full list!