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Thumper Custom Drums really appreciates all of our customers and all the support they have showed us. Listed below, are a handful of wonderful people who decided to share their love with us and you! If you are wanting to add a testimonial to our collection just send us an email ( with your name, drums you purchased and play, any bands or organizations you are affiliated with and a message you would like to share! Don't be shy either, we would love to hear from everyone!

Amy Stubbs

My Thumper custom snare drum is an extremely versatile instrument. John has brilliantly created a snare drum that is crisply responsive throughout the entire dynamic spectrum, with a resonant, full-bodied tone that makes the drum sound huge. His craftsmanship and attention to detail are second to none--bravo and thanks!
Amy Stubbs is Principal Percussionist with the Sacramento Philharmonic, and Principal Tympanist with the Napa Valley Symphony.

"His craftmanship & attention to detail are second to none"
Amy Stubbs
Felipe Ceballos simple word that describes this set of drums -- not only in look but also in sound.I met John after he refinished and re-did the bearing edges of a set of Blue Marin Pearl Ludwigs. After I played them, I realized I needed to get some drums made by him.I was looking for something warm, but with projection. After several conversations with John I decided to go with the 8-ply all maple with wood hoops (20"x20" kick, 6.5"x10" 7.5"x12" 13x14" 15"x16" toms) and on the snare we went for the 20-ply (6"x14").After a couple of months I added a 14"x28" kick!!These drums are the best I have ever played. They are the best I have recorded, and they were designed to my specs and ideas.. and John, guarantees them for LIFE!! What else would you want?
"These drums are the best I have ever played."
-Felipe Ceballos

Jamie B. Harris

After finding Aquarian Drumheads, which are perfect drumheads, I was then on a quest to find the perfect drum company. I tried them all, from top pricey names to those endorsed by good friends. When I met John Jones, my search was over. None of the drum kits I have tried equals to or compares in quality, consistency, craftsmanship, and sound to Thumper Custom Drums. For all serious drummers sound is everything, so if you want a better solid pro kit, with attention to detail down to the last washer--and which won't send you to the poorhouse--go buy a set of Thumper Drums!

"When I met John Jones, my search was over." -Jaime Harris

Kenny Bates

I love my drums. I'm putting that out there first and foremost because it’s the truth. Musically, working with Thumper has been one of the best experiences I've had. I first contacted John Jones right about the time I was graduating from high school; however, I got busy and hadn't spoken to him since that time. Right about the time Thumper Custom Drums moved to the northwest, I was getting out of the Army and had just started a new band in the Seattle area. The next thing I knew, I was shaking hands with Thumper on a deal that I would never forget and appreciate for many years to come.

Here's the set that gives me my musical voice: a 20"x22" bass (with a monster sound!), a 9"x12" rack tom, and a 16"x16" floor tom with black satin finish and black hardware--topped off with a 7"x13" Thumper snare I had bought previously. They are loud, clear, and look intimidating when compared to other kits. Working with Thumper on my first custom kit was an awesome decision and an easy and fun process. John Jones knows his craft and does it very, very well.

"Working with Thumper has been one of the best experiences I've ever had."
-Kenny Bates

Mike Cotta

He has this to say about Thumper Custom Drums:
I had been searching for a really good wood snare that could work not only in a variety of musical settings but also have that certain "something" that made it cooler than just a workhorse type of drum. I wanted a drum that made me almost want to leave it at home because it was so nice I didn't want anything to happen to it. John asked me what I was looking for in a maple snare, and I decided that a 15-ply shell might do the trick. Choosing the hardware was easy because I've always loved "black-chrome" finished lugs and hoops.Picking the finish was a bit more difficult. Since I'm in music retail, I know how tough it is for people to make choices when they have so many options to choose from! I came across this dark purple marine pearl wrap that looked kind of wacky, but very cool at the same time, so I asked for that.


"The attention to detail was amazing."
-Mike Cotta

Mike Perkins

Thumper Custom 8 ply 6 x 14 snare drum
This snare should be an industry standard. This was the first snare I got from Thumper. I was so excited to test it out & see how it worked for me. I, of course, heard & played Thumper's drums before, but own-ing one was different. I naturally have heavy hands & play with thick oak sticks. I always have had a hard time keeping drums intune & intact, since they get the most punishment. There is nothing worse than paying top dollar for a "mainstream" name-brand drum that breaks on you & it's always some tiny part that ends up crippling your drum. You don't want to be thinking about" my throw off going to break in the middle of this song?" It happens & it's hard to get your confidence back in your gear....leading to getting back-ups of back-ups. My Thumper snare has easily withstood the test. I recieved the snare later in the day & being so excited I went out to an all-night rehearsal spot I was renting at the time. I just wanted to play it a little & check out its' tuning capabilities...after all it was late & I had a regular day job to go to in the morning. Tuning went very fast! In a few minutes it already sounded great. I checked out the sound at both high & low tensions on both sides of the snare. The range was incredible & the sound never lost its' "body". Later, after playing more of his drums, I found all that was true for all of Thumper's drums. I think the main reason for that is their one-of-a-kind bearing edge. I ended up leaving 4 hours later because I couldn't stop playing!
"Tuning went very fast!"
-Mike Perkins

Richard Valdez

Every Thumper kit I’ve played is great and now I’m very proud to own one. It’s great to see a company that really cares not only for it’s quality drums but also their customers. I tell everyone I know about Thumper and I can’t stress enough about how much power you get from a thumper kit, and what a true sound that these drums have. I’ve recorded a couple albums with John’s kits and I have to say that I finally found a kit that fits my sound. It is very easy to play, easy to keep in tune, and most of all they have a very big sound, which is what I like! I will always put Thumper before any other drum manufacturer as long as I’m playing. I stand very solid behind the products John makes, like John says, “It’s all about the sound.” And I believe that very much! One thing that makes Thumper better then the rest is the fact that you have a person that knows, Understands, and cares more about quality more then quantity, which I think is very important and what every other manufacturer forgets about. You will not find better quality drums anywhere else!
"I tell everyone everyone I know about Thumper"-Richard Valdez

Marcus Edell

Thumper Drums are the BEST you can buy, hands down! And finally at a resonable price a "Working Man" can afford!It's a Mircale!! I get nothing but Raves when I play my Thumper Drum kit at shows..It's the sound and quality I have been searching for all these years. And the craftmanship is amazing!! I'm very proud to own and play these drums. John Jones is one of the coolest guys you can ever meet. It was a pleasure to deal with John, you actually get service! Remember service? Something corporate America has stolen from us. I will play Thumper Drums until the day I die! There's NO need to look any further.


"It's a Miracle!"-
Marcus Edell

Manny McIntyre

There is a good reason that I play and enjoy working with "Thumper" Custom Drums. This company puts out some of the best drums that I have ever heard. You feel the powerful sound you can produce while playing in a band, at a show or even goofing around for a few hours. I am very pleased with the product they have provided me with. I play a basic 3 piece kit with Black Cherry Satin Oil finish & black 1" tube lugs. It's equipped with an 8 x 12, 11 x 14 & 20 x 20 bass that sounds amazing & gives me the full kick that I need. I barely ever have to tune it. I also have two different styled/sized snares for all the types of music that I play. A 4 x 12 and my newest, main snare is an 8 x 13 15 ply. To explain the 15 ply...its' power & ability to articulate its' sound is incredible! It almost plays like a marching snare drum (which I love!). It's not too overpowing when I'm with the band & I don't have to slam hard on it like some drummers do. I still get the crack I want with just tapping on it. All I can say is it cuts through like a knife in butter. This snare gives a great sound all the way around the head besides playing in the middle. This is beneficial for my type of playing with my band ("Ten Ticket Thrill"-a Marysville, WA based Punk band). We play hard & rough. My band-mates think think this kit is amazing to the ear, so I'm not the only one. Take my word for it!
"This company puts out some of the best drums that I have ever heard."-Manny

Paige Baxter

I was searching for a new drum set that had that perfect sound I was looking for. I am very lucky to have Jay Michaelis as a drum teacher, and last summer I got to play on his studio Thumper set. That was my introduction to the amazing world of Thumper drums. When I first got my sticks on these drums, I was in heaven. I was looking for a deep metal sound for my bass drum forever, and I found it. I recommend for all drummers to try a Thumper custom set.
Thanks again for great sounding and beautiful drum set I play everyday.

"When I first got my sticks on these drums, I was in heaven."-Paige

John Harrison

My experience with John Jones was about as hands-on as it can get. For my high school culminating project I contacted Thumper with the desire not only to work with John on an excellent custom kit, but to actually learn
from him and build it myself. I spent over 40 hours at Thumper and saw exactly how much precision, craftsmanship and (of course) elbow grease goes into
every process of creating these top-notch kits. Experiencing every single step of the build (sanding, staining, oiling, drilling, cutting bearing
edges, etc.) was proof enough that Thumper makes the absolute best, but nothing could beat what I heard the very first time I tuned and played a kit that John and I built with our own hands.
I know for a fact that I will have an amazing kit for the rest of my life, but I also know that with the very
personal knowledge I gained from my own instrument’s creation I have also gained better skills and appreciation for the art of the drum itself.