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Jay Michaelis

"Thumper Custom Drums are the best drums I have played! With their patented bearing edges, these drums smoke. The attack is HUGE, and these cannons have an unbelievable true tone without ringing or buzzing. From the beginning, John has paid special attention to me and my drums. He treats his endorsers like gold and always sets the higher example. I had John bring out the bass drum to an 18" rather than a 16" length. Anyone who hears it also FEELS it in their chest cavity. John’s drums are custom drums at affordable prices--no complaints here!I've known John since the beggining and have never seen a drum that wasn't made to perfection. His crafting philosophy is both cutting edge innovation, coupled with age old tradition. With his unique bearing edge and his holeless shell approach, the sweetspot is found effortlessly. I gave up my DW endorsment for this deal & have never looked back."
"Thumper Custom Drums are the best
drums I have played!"
- Jay Michaelis

State Line Empire Band

State Line Empire- Cut Music Video

State Line Empire featuring Slash "Drive Me" Guitar Center's Your Next Record

Carl Martin


I pretty much knew after my conversation with John that working with Thumper Custom Drums was going to work out just fine. I had seen one of John's drums in a local music store but didn't realize at the time that he was less than a 5 minute drive from my house. Being so close to the process of the building of my kit was very, very cool. John's passion for what he's doing is inspiring. Thumper is truly a custom shop. John's experience & research into what makes a drum sound great will give any potential customer confidence in the experience. For my kit, I was wanting to move to a 20" kick after years of using a 22". John was very helpful in determining a way we could experiment with depths & was far more accommodating than larger drum companies could possibly be (Thanks, Jim for suggesting the idea!). As an independant artist that is often called on for various styles of music, my 20 x 20 is perfect. It's a simple matter of tuning & the drum can cover many different gigs. The drums sound & look great. John's commitment to perfection is displayed in every piece he makes. He is simlpy not happy unless it is perfect. And even if it meant turning his whole house blue in the process, he quickly rose to the chalenge of matching the color I had chosen (We call the finish Carl's Wicked Blue!). I can't wait to get these into the studio!!! John & Pamm...Thanks for the great kit & for your friendship. (& thanks Pamm for the chocolate chip cookies & goodies). I anticipate a long affiliation with John & Pamm at Thumper Drums.

"John's passion for what he's doing is inspiring.
Thumper is truly a custom shop."
- Carl Martin

Dudley Taft Band

Rick Bowen

“Thumper Custom Drums…where dreams come true!” -Rick Bowen

From the start John and I hit it off and agreed on all the aspects of what makes a real quality instrument. Together we are building the kit I dreamed up from scratch and having a ball doing it. John and Pamm are great people and I am privileged to call them friends.